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Poestenkill Gorge Park Cleanup 2017

Narrows: Cascades and Heritage Trail

The Troy Narrows, Urban Trail Development Project This Dig The Falls project was announced last year and will be an ongoing fixture of our blogging for the next couple of years. Possibly several years, in fact. It is the single largest project Dig The Falls has been able to assist directly, and will be a testament of why our work is so important and how passionate we are to help! Below is a walkthrough of the project, which only covers half the […]

Mt Jo

Dig The Falls Announces Paul Smith’s Scholarship

Dig The Falls Announces Paul Smith’s Scholarship Over the course of the past couple years, Dig The Falls has evolved from being just a source for New York waterfall locations to embracing the message of stewardship and taking a more involved role on environmental conservation. While we have added over 3,000 locations to our map, we have also added a number of partnerships, like teaming with The Upstate Experience,  and have sponsored a number of events and programs such as […]

Lake George

Invasive Species Management Partnership

NYS Invasive Species Management Partnership When the majority of us head out into the woods or out on the lake for a fun day of recreation, we seldom think, if at all, about the impact that a tiny insect or fish could have on an entire ecosystem. We also don’t consider the impacts of not rinsing down a boat or waders, or checking clothing and hiking gear for hitch-hiking beetles. The simple truth is that the majority of us just […]

The Upstate Experience and Dig The Falls

Our first Channel Partner announcement, and we couldn’t be more excited! The Upstate Experience  We are excited to announce The Upstate Experience as our first major Channel Partners. These guys produce some great regional content (Good Morning Upstate) and offer uniquely crafted guided tours, featuring local history and the outdoors. It was evident, even before meeting with Johnny (Founder of The Upstate Experience) in person, that this was going to be a great opportunity for us all! Spreading the positive energy, and […]

Channel Partners and More

New York State Waterfalls need your help, and we want to give you an easy way to be the hero! Dig The Falls is looking for Channel Partners to team with! For the first tier, we will be looking for fellow volunteer organizations, and like-minded outdoors people and organizations, to become Channel Partners. We will also be looking for local businesses for the second tier of Channel Partnership. The spots will be fully vetted and first come first serve. Completely […]

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