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Adirondack Waterfall Road-Trip Part 3

If you’re looking to get out and explore some New York State waterfalls, why not take an Adirondack Waterfall Road-tip?!

As the High Peaks Region gets the bulk of the attention, it’s important to remember the myriad places to visit across the over six-million acres of the Adirondacks. If you’re looking for new places to explore that are away from the crowds and congested parking lots, you don’t have to go that far.

Hamilton county is one of the most waterfall-rich counties in the Adirondacks. Notable waterfalls such as Auger, Austin, and Buttermilk Falls help make up a list of waterfalls that are easy to get to and well-worth exploring! Add in a couple waterfalls from St. Lawrence and Saratoga Counties, and you’ve got a perfect Adirondack waterfall road-trip!

We’ll begin this road-trip in Saratoga County in Edinburg, where there’s a waterfall near a picturesque covered bridge, and work our way north along route 30. Be sure to check out all there is to see and do in the Village of Northville along the way.

Beecher Creek Falls

43°13.246’N 74°06.028’W

This waterfall forms on Beecher Creek just before it reaches the Great Sacandaga Lake. Water flows over the 20-foot falls in tiers, or steps, and continues under the Copeland Covered Bridge. Parking is roadside in a small pull-off.

From Edinburg (junction of Routes 4, 5, & 98), drive northeast on Route 4/North Shore Road for 0.5 mile and turn right into roadside pull-off.

Click here for map and more details.


Tenant Creek Falls

43°20.993’N 74°10.550’W

Also known as Hope Falls, this 35-foot waterfall forms on Tenant Creek in Hope. A popular spot for hiking and camping, Tenant Creek is home to two other waterfalls farther up the trail.

From Northville (junction of Reed Street & North Main Street), drive west/north on Reed Street/Old State Road/Old Northville Road for >3.0 miles. At a big sign for Hope Falls, turn right onto Hope Falls Road/Route 7 and drive north for ~2.5 miles. At Hope Falls (which no longer exists as a hamlet), continue east/north on Hope Falls Road/Route 7 for another ~3.4 miles (or roughly 6.0 miles from the start on Hope Falls Road). At this point, the pavement ends. Proceed north on a dirt-packed continuation of Hope Falls Road/Route 7 for 0.4 mile, and park in an area on your right. Follow the trail northeast for 0.9 mile to the fall.

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Auger Falls

43°28.046’N 74°14.771’W

40-foot Auger Falls forms in a gorge on the Sacandaga River in Wells. The moderately-easy half-mile hike leads through the forest and to the river where visitors can enjoy the falls.

From north of Wells (junction of Routes 30 & 8 East), drive north on Route 30 for 1.7 miles. Turn right onto a dirt road and park in the upper parking area. Walk back towards Route 30 and then turn left onto a rutted dirt road (that that is undrivable for most cars) that leads south to the trailhead in <0.2 mile. Turn left, and follow the yellow-blazed trail for 0.3 mile to Auger Falls.

Click here for map and more details.


Austin Falls

43°30.087’N 74°16.784’W

This unique waterfall forms on the Sacandaga River 2.9 miles upstream from Auger Falls. Austin falls starts off as a long, sloping waterslide and ends with a drop of approximately 8 feet. The waterfall is found at roadside along Old Route 30.

From North of Wells (junction of Routes 30 & 8 East), drive northwest on Route 30 for ~6.7 miles. Turn right onto Old Route 30 (a seasonal road), and head southwest for ~2.7 miles. Pull over to your right at a pull-off. Several paths lead to the fall, only 50 feet from the road.

Click here for map and more details.


Christine Falls

43°30.799’N 74°18.533’W

Christine Falls consist of two sets of falls totaling a drop of approximately 35 feet, the upper-most one being just downstream from a hydro-electric plant.

From north of Wells (junction of Routes 30 & 8 East), drive northwest on Route 30 for ~6.3 miles and turn right onto a dirt road. Park off to the side of the road. Follow a path down from the end of the road that quickly leads to the falls.

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Interim StopSpeculator Department Store


Death Brook Falls (aka Secret Falls)

43°48.606’N 74°35.673’W

This 40-foot waterfall near Raquette Lake is a tucked-away gem. A 0.3-mile hike over mostly level terrain leads to this waterfall.

From Blue Mountain Lake (junction of Routes 28 & 30), drive southwest on Route 28 for ~9.7 miles. Park on the left side of the road by a yellow gate where a sign states “Stop. Barrier ahead.” Follow a trail/old road east for <0.3 mile to reach the waterfall.

Click here for map and more details.


Buttermilk Falls

43°54.890’N 74°29.047’W

Due to the town’s unique shape, this waterfall actually lies within the Town of Arietta near the border of Long Lake. The super-popular and easy-to-get-to 20-25-foot waterfall draws thousands of visitors each year and is also a favorite subject of photographers.

From Deerland (junction of Routes 3/North Point Road & 30/28N), drive southwest on Route 3/North Point Road for ~2.0 miles and turn right into a long pull-off. Follow a well-worn path that leads to the waterfall in <300 feet.

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Interim stopsHoss’s Country Corner and ADK Trading Post. Take a plane ride with Helm’s Aero Service!


Bog River Falls

44°07.721’N 74°32.696’W

Bog River Falls is a series of small falls dropping 25–30 feet into the South Bay of Tupper Lake, complimented by an old stone bridge that crosses over the main, lower-most fall. Found at roadside with grassy areas and rocks at riverside, this waterfall is a great place to stop to grab a bite to eat.

From the south end of Tupper Lake (junction of Routes 421 & 30), drive northwest on Route 421 for 0.7 mile and park on your left after crossing over a bridge spanning the Bog River.

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Interim stopThe Wild Center

Please remember to carry in-carry out and practice the seven principles of the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. Keep it clean for everyone!

Remember to respect private and posted property at all times, and use the utmost care and caution when visiting waterfalls. Do not risk your safety or your life for a picture or a selfie!


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