Adirondack Waterfall Roadtrip part 4

Adirondack Waterfall Roadtrip Part 4

by John Haywood

In this installment of the Adirondack Waterfall Roadtrip series, we’ll explore a slice of Hamilton and Warren Counties!

Falls on East Jimmy Creek

43°27.170’N 74°14.000’W

Our first stop is Jimmy Creek off Route 8 in Wells. Here, a nice 10-foot waterfall forms roughly 100 yards off the road, in a small gorge. The gorge walls are lined with green moss and various vegetation, giving it an almost other-worldly feel. If you choose to venture up the gorge, be very careful as the rocks are extremely slippery!

Getting there: From north of Wells (junction of Routes 8 East & 30 North), drive north on Route 8 for ~1.2 miles and park in a pull-off on your right. Follow the trail along the south bank of East Jimmy Creek for <0.1 mile to reach the waterfall.


Griffin Falls

43°28.365’N 74°13.484’W

From here, we travel 1.5 miles east on Route 8 to Teachout Road where you’ll find a gorge on the East Branch of the Sacandaga River that is home to Griffin Falls. This waterfall forms among a series of drops with the actual falls being approximately 8 feet in height.

Getting there: From north of Wells (junction of Routes 8 East & 30 North), drive north on Route 8 for ~2.5 miles. Virtually opposite the trail head for Cod Pond and Willis Lake, turn left onto Teachout road that leads downhill and then across an iron bridge spanning the East Branch of the Sacandaga River. Park off-road when you get to the end of the bridge at 0.2 mile. Follow a path along the top of the west bank of the gorge that gradually descends and arrives at the falls in >0.1 mile.


Oregon Trail Falls

43°31.233’N 74°08.114’W

Heading approximately 6.1 miles east into Warren County, we come to the trail for Oregon Trail Falls along Route 8. While this is a smaller waterfall, it makes up for size with its picturesque setting on Stewart Creek.

Getting there: From north of Wells (junction of Route 8 East & 30 North), drive northeast on Route 8 for ~5.0 miles and park to your right by the trailhead sign for Cod Pond. Follow the trail east for >0.8 mile to reach the cascade.


Dunkley Falls

43°37.996’N 73°53.854’W

The next stop is a 20-foot high cascade on Mill Creek. Dunkley Falls is a nice place to take a break and have a picnic while relaxing along the creek.

Getting there: Drive east on Route 8 for 14.9 miles to the junction of Routes 8 & 28 in Wevertown. From there, drive northeast on Route 8 for 0.9 mile. Turn right onto Riverside Station Road/Harrington Road and proceed east for 1.1 miles. At that point Harrington Road separates from Riverside Station Road. Continue east on Harrington Road, crossing over Johnson Brook. After 0.4 mile, park to your left by a line of four boulders in front of the trailhead. Follow a short trail that leads to the waterfall.


Interim stops

O.P. Frederick’s and Cafe Adirondack

The Owl at Twilight is located approximately 6 miles west on Olmsteadville Road from the intersection of Route 9 and Olmsteadville Road.

The Adirondack General Store in Adirondack is 5.2 mile from the intersection of Route 9 and Stone Bridge Road.


Natural Stone Bridge and Caves Park – Sawmill Falls and Noisy Cave Falls

43°44.841’N 73°51.233’W

This stop brings you to one of the Adirondack natural wonders: The Natural Stone Bridge and Caves Park where, over millennia, a series of caves, and potholes, and the massive Stone Bridge have been carved out by the erosive power of water. This stop has the potential to last a full day so be sure to click here to check online ahead of time to learn more about seasonal schedules and the activities that are available.

There are also two notable waterfalls here; Sawmill Falls and Noisy Cave Falls. Both form on Trout Brook as it winds through the park. The brook becomes split with one side flowing under the stone bridge and the other partially through, and around, Noisy Cave.

Getting there: From Dunkley Falls, drive west on Harrington Road to Riverside Station Road on the right. Drive north for 2.2 miles where you’ll come to Route 8. Turn right and drive 1.8 miles to the junction of Routes 8 & 9. Turn left and drive 5.6 miles to the intersection with Stone Bridge Road. You’ll see the Stone Bridge Ice Cream Stand on the corner. Turn left and follow Stone Bridge Road to the end.

For more information on New York waterfalls, visit our New York State waterfall map.

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