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The Anthropocene, Altruism And A Waterfaller


Yes, Waterfallers should be knowledgeable of the Anthropocene and acknowledge that it is fact.

That is a matter of acceptance.

You don’t have to agree with all the climate data presented in this Ted Talk, but the facts about human nature and the unmistakable power of human kindness cannot be ignored. A nod to a fellow hiker has a butterfly effect with a magnitude that is almost imperceivable, but measurable in the universe.

A great guy, Marty Keary, wrote a book that goes along with the overall purpose of this post – Words From A Friend  – Which focuses on positive thought and how it affects you and those around you.

We have touched on the Anthropocene before, and I do not want to go too far into that only to suggest reading that post here. We have a great lineup or waterfall-dork-gear that goes along with the Anthropocene as well. It all benefits our cause 🙂

What I really want our readers to realize is that this site is an all-accepting and inclusive form of good vibes that we want everyone to spread. If not indirectly through us, then directly from yourselves. That head nod today may create a relationship that will impact your life in ways you can not yet perceive.

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Happy Waterfalling!

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