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Anthropocene Waterfaller at Heart

anthropocene waterfaller at heart

Anthro-what?… And then it hit me…

Why are there so many important issues out there that I have heard about, but do not truly understand? To tell you the truth, when I first heard about the Anthropocene topic in depth I thought I knew what it was, but I still had to Google it:


adjective: Anthropocene

relating to or denoting the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment.
– the Anthropocene period.
noun: Anthropocene

Now that we got that out of the way… Wait.. “dominant influence on climate and the environment“??? I think we need to back up and understand what this means. Dominant influence is the act of having “primary control” or better yet, having a very big effect on/over something. Climate and the environment… That’s something else altogether. The climate and environment are two totally separate things, aren’t they? Not in this case.

“I know we are able to land vehicles on other planets…”

In an effort to keep this as non-polarizing as possible, I will admit that I believe in Climate Change, which is different than Global Warming, but does not exclude it – NASA lumps them together on their website. I feel everyone is entitled to their own opinion on these facts/fiction (however you look at it).

I know we are able to land vehicles on other planets and measure the elements those planets contain, we also are able to study the gas contents of stars trillions of miles away and have just recently proven Einsteins predictions about Gravitational Waves (it only took 100 years!). I don’t believe it is too far fetched for humans to, not only have a direct impact on Earth and it’s environment, but to also measure these effects at a molecular level.

Fast forward to present time and back on topic to the Anthropocene and what it means to Dig The Falls. We (Dig The Falls) have chosen to acknowledge that we have a direct impact on the climate and environment of Earth, and choose to do something positive about it. Not only will we look at the novel ecosystems all around us and the waterfalls we love, but we will do so with eager and open minds to further understand how these ecosystems are trying to balance the impacts we have made to those areas. We will continue our efforts to clean every trail and wilderness area our feet cross and we will educate all those willing to lend an ear.

Anthropocene Waterfaller at Heart

“I will not choose this point to place a quote from an old wise man…”

Anthropocene Waterfaller at Heart is an idea we hope to grow. I will not choose this point to place a quote from an old wise man, but ask you to absorb what has been written here… We choose, not the world’s governments and surely not the media, but us as individuals have chosen to accepts that our action or inaction is changing the world around us. It will not matter if the world can adapt to the changes being made; it only matter if we can accept the end result.

Below is a chance for you to also accept what impacts you have had on the world around you, good and bad, and do something positive about it. Have fun with it and try to look at these changes in a positive light.

I know I am going to enjoy the novel ecosystems I have created in my yard. There are plenty of weeds that I have chosen to chop and rid the areas of, but there are others that I cannot bring myself to remove. These areas are intriguing to me.
I also know that I will not stop grabbing all those pieces of litter on and off the trails I hike, because I know it does make an impact in the positive direction I am moving.

When you purchase an Anthropocene Waterfaller at Heart T-shirt, the funds are going toward positive impacts for the waterfall trails and natural areas we (Dig The Falls) travel.

We will post photos of our travels going forward.

Thank you so much for reading and feel free to leave comments!

Happy Waterfalling!
The Dig The Falls Team

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