Austin Falls – Wells


Austin Falls

Austin Falls is a lengthy waterslide-type flume formed on the Sacandaga River easily identifiable by several large boulders along the riverside and rock that has been smoothed over by centuries of water erosion. As the river narrows in this section,  the water becomes increasingly turbulent and within 300 yards, drops 40 feet creating the falls.

To get there: GPS: 43°30.087’N 74°16.784’W – From Wells, drive north on Rte 30 to the intersection with Rte 8. Continue past that driving north for 6.5 miles. Turn right onto a paved seasonal road known as Old Rte 30 and drive southeast for approximately 2.7 miles. Please note that this road is buckled in numerous spot and cautious driving is required. Nearing the end of the mileage, the road will run parallel to the river. Pull over and follow one of several paths to the falls. Use caution as the rock here is very slippery.

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Closest Geolocated Address: NY-30, Wells, NY 12190, USA
Location Lat/Long: 43.501263

Austin Falls – Wells

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