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Beecher Creek Falls – Edinburg

Beecher Creek Falls

Beecher Creek Falls is rich with history

Beecher Creek Falls is located on Beecher Creek near the Copeland Covered Bridge in Edinburg, this 20ft cascade has become a popular stop due to its ease of accessibility. Parking is available at the roadside near the trail that leads to the bridge. The fall can be observed from the bridge or streamside.

Beecher Creek was once a heavily industrialized area with an assortment of nine mills and factories spread along the creek from Tenantville to Beecher Hollow. The bridge was built in 1879 to allow for cows to cross the creek easily and reach grazing areas in the valley that has now become the Great Sacandaga Lake.

To get there: GPS: 43°13.246’N 74°06.028’W – From Edinburg (junction of Routes 4, 5, & 98), drive northeast on Route 4/North Shore Road for 0.5 mile and turn right into roadside pull-off.

  • Beecher Creek Falls

Closest Geolocated Address: 30-46 N Shore Rd, Northville, NY 12134, USA
Location Lat/Long: 43.220688

Beecher Creek Falls – Edinburg

30-46 N Shore Rd, Northville, NY 12134, USA

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