Beede Brook Falls- Keene, NY

Beede Brook Falls

Without a doubt, the Beede Brook Falls are some of the most impressive waterfalls in the Adirondacks, made all the more spectacular by their remoteness. The hike to Beede Brook Falls, however, is one of the most challenging treks in this book, and should only be attempted by a group of 2–3 hikers, well equipped with a compass and topo map if you are approaching from the Zander Scott Trail, and ready to endure some physical hardship. If you are approaching from Route 73, the task of navigating is slightly easier. You only need to follow the gorge up and then back down to do the trek without fear of getting lost.

Getting there: From Underwood (junction of Routes 73 & 9), drive northwest on Route 73 for 3.8 miles (or 2.4 miles from the bridge spanning the North Fork of the Boquet River) and park in a long pull-off on your right, just after crossing over Beede Brook [44°08.220’N 73°44.548’W]. This is the same parking area as for Rock Garden Falls.

Follow Beede Brook upstream along its west bank, staying several hundred feet away from the rim of the gorge. This part of the bushwhack is not very difficult unless you are scouting for waterfalls, In that case, you will be scrambling along the steep slope near the rim, with the bushwhack becoming very strenuous indeed.

Regardless of your approach, the hardest part is getting down into the gorge to see the waterfalls close-up. This should only be attempted by hikers who are confident in being able to scramble up and down steep terrain, and who are joined by two or three capable companions. Doing this hike solo is asking for trouble should you get hurt and become unable to exit under your own power.

            Option #2: Bushwhack to falls from Zander Scott Trail — Start at the Zander Scott Trailhead for Giant Mountain [44°08.309’N 73°44.621’W], 0.1 miles northwest of where Route 73 crosses Beede Brook. The trail, established in 1954, has become the most popular route for summiting Giant Mountain.

After following the trail uphill for ~0.4 miles to an altitude of ~2,150 feet (or ~500 feet above Route 73), head southeast through the woods to reach Beede Brook, which is less than 0.4 miles away. Once reaching the gorge, you can now proceed either uphill or downhill, depending on where you came in. Later, by following the gorge all the way back down to Route 73, you will end up less than 0.1 miles from where you started.

Take note that you can obtain a distant view of Dipper Pond by continuing up the Zander Scott Trail to an overlook ~0.3 miles above the junction with the Giants Nubble Trail. – Russell Dunn

Closest Geolocated Address: 1196 NY-73, Keene Valley, NY 12943, USA
Location Lat/Long: 44.138790

Beede Brook Falls- Keene, NY

1196 NY-73, Keene Valley, NY 12943, USA

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