Bushnell Falls

Bushnell Falls – John’s Brook Location Destination

Bushnell Falls is another of the most popular waterfall locations in the Adirondacks. Located near John’s Brook Lodge in Keene, this waterfall serves as a picturesque resting spot for hikers and a swimming hole for guests of the lodge and thru-hikers.

This waterfall is formed on John’s Brook which rises south of Slant Rock in the Great Range. The 20-ft falls form on a scenic gorge, cutting through a slab of solid bedrock.

Bushnell Falls received its name from Keene Valley guides after Rev. Horace Bushnell who made frequent visits to Keene Valley from his home in Hartford, Connecticut.

For more information on John’s Brook Lodge, click here.

This waterfall can be found using Russell Dunn’s Adirondack Waterfall Guide.

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