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Cascade Lake Falls – Eagle Bay

Cascade Lake Falls

Cascade Lake Falls – Eagle Bay

Cascade Lake Falls is a 35–40-foot-high, near-vertical waterfall, forming in an unnamed waterway that leads to Cascade Lake.

While this waterfall actually lies within the the Town of Long Lake, we use the location of the trailhead in Eagle Bay so not to create confusion.

To get there: GPS: 43°47.673’N 74°47.094’W – From Eagle Bay (Junction of Routes 1/Big Moose Road & 28), drive northwest on Route 1/Big Moose Road for 1.3 miles and turn right into a large parking area. Follow the trail (an abandoned carriage road) for 0.8 mile until you come to a junction at Cascade Lake. Bear right at the junction, and continue 1.8 miles farther. When you come to a meadow at the east end of the lake, the cascade will be to your right, several hundred feet from the trail.

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