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Shoebox Falls – Keene, Essex

Shoebox Falls Shoebox Falls is contained in a massive area of exposed bedrock. Under normal flow, the waterfall consists of an 8–10-foot-drop into a narrow chasm carved out in the middle of the stream bed. You will observe that just below the chasm, the carved channel, now at a lower level, continues underwater, creating a perfect swimming hole in the summer. In fact, a photo of swimmers at the fall, including a jumper in mid-air, can be seen in Ben […]

Wedge Brook Falls

Wedge Brook Falls – Middle – Keene, Essex

Wedge Brook Falls Wedge Brook is home to three waterfalls. The most notable is found in the middle of the three and is named Wedge Brook Falls, an 8ft falls located on the trail next to the footbridge that crosses Wedge Brook. These falls get their name from their appearance as a large boulder has become wedged between the two large rock walls. Water is diverted around the sides of the wedged boulder then combine into a single drop. The […]


Beer Walls Falls – Keene, Essex

Enjoy multi-season adventures at the Beer Walls! The Beer Walls at Chapel Pond Canyon is not only a popular spot for rock and ice climbing but also home to the 150ft Beer Walls Falls that forms on the shoulder of Round Mountain. When you reach one of three lookouts for this waterfall, you will have a stunning view of part of The Great Range of the High Peaks in the distance to the West. Getting there – The parking area […]

Roaring Brook Falls

Roaring Brook Falls – Keene Valley, Essex

Don’t miss this roadside wonder! Roaring Brook Falls Described as between 290 and 325 feet, Roaring Brook Falls is the tallest Adirondack waterfall that is visible from the roadside. The fall, with two long drops, is formed on Roaring Brook which flows from Giant Mountain in Keene Valley. As noted, views of the fall can be made from roadside along NY Rte 73 where there is a pull-off to park. There is also a 0.6-mile trail that will take you […]

Beaver Meadow Falls

Beaver Meadow Falls – Keene Valley, Essex

Beaver Meadow Falls; an Adirondack crown jewel waterfall! “Beaver Meadow Falls is easily one of the most photographed waterfalls in the Adirondacks. This giant waterfall looms at an impressive height of 60 feet and cascades down a series of narrow steps; so narrow, in fact, that the waterfall’s versatility is never compromised. Many have described the fall as being bridal veil in appearance. At one time a wooden bridge crossed directly in front of the waterfall but was washed away […]

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