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Austin Falls – Wells, Hamilton

Austin Falls is a lengthy waterslide-type flume formed on the Sacandaga River easily identifiable by several large boulders along the riverside and rock that has been smoothed over by centuries of water erosion. As the river narrows in this section,  the water becomes increasingly turbulent and within 300 yards, drops 40 feet creating the falls. To get there: From Wells, drive north on Rte 30 to the intersection with Rte 8. Continue past that driving north for 6.5 miles. Turn […]


West Stony Creek Falls – Benson, Hamilton

West Stony Creek Falls This 4ft (outside of the “technical specifications” for waterfalls, but historically known) waterfall formed on the North Branch of West Stony Creek is small in size but, large in scenery. Approximately 1.5 miles along the Northville-Placid Trail you will come to this waterfall just before reaching a footbridge that crosses the creek. To get there: Driving North on Rte 30, look for County Rte 6 on the left just after crossing a bridge that spans West […]


Auger Falls – Wells, Hamilton

Twists and turns of Auger Falls! Auger Falls is formed on the Sacandaga River and the primary fall stands prominently at 40ft with a rocky outcrop splitting the flow of water. The waterfall comprises of three major drops totaling over 100′ which are all viewable on trails that run the length of the creek around the falls area. It gets its name from early visitors who noted that the gorge had the appearance of being drilled out with an auger. […]

Falls Brook First Waterfall

Falls Brook – Indian Lake, Hamilton

Falls Brook in Indian Lake, NY is home to several small but scenic waterfalls.  Ample parking is available in a large pull-off along NY Rte 30 just after Lewey Lake on the left side if headed North. Roughly 150 feet from the start of the trail. The first cascade, which is approximately six feet in height, fans out on two sides as it is split by a number of large rocks. Following the trail up the left side will allow […]