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Waterfalling is not about Perfection…

The Dig The Falls Waterfall Map Proves it! A quick and dirty map created on a napkin in the time of need can serve you better than a precise topographical map created well after a hike in the warmth of your home. As the great Ansel Adams once said: “There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept“. We couldn’t agree more! “There are errors, we guarantee!” I hope you will take the time to look over our […]


The Anthropocene, Altruism And A Waterfaller

Yes, Waterfallers should be knowledgeable of the Anthropocene and acknowledge that it is fact. Altruism? That is a matter of acceptance. You don’t have to agree with all the climate data presented in this Ted Talk, but the facts about human nature and the unmistakable power of human kindness cannot be ignored. A nod to a fellow hiker has a butterfly effect with a magnitude that is almost imperceivable, but measurable in the universe. A great guy, Marty Keary, wrote a […]


A Map of New York State Waterfalls

Not just A map, but THE map!! The New York State Waterfall List v2.0 has officially been released, but it comes with a strong warning. This IS the most comprehensive list to date (including the hidden “Private” locations), but it still has its flaws. NOTE: This map has been moved! Here is where you can help! There are over 1,650 POI’s shown on this map (almost 2,300 total POI’s, including the posted locations)! If you click on any of the points […]

Dig The Falls First 2017 Trail Cleanup Effort

Indian Kill Nature Preserve The Indian Kill Nature Preserve is located very close to my home, which was why I chose it as the first official cleanup area of 2017. This effort was a small one, purposefully so, due to Charlotte Grace and Jessica Painter joining the efforts. Charlotte is only 20 months old and Jessica is pregnant with twins. The trails were icy due to the low temps, so we cleaned what we could while remaining warm and safe. What […]

A Year in Review for New York State Waterfall Lovers

This has been an amazing year for those who love New York State Waterfalls, and Dig The Falls! Dig The Falls has gone through some amazing changes; we have our Team and the waterfall community to thank for that! Our team will be growing to include a couple more waterfall lovers, which we will be announcing after the New Year. We also wanted to announce to everyone that the Dig The Falls family is expecting other additions sometime mid-2017: Jessica Painter […]

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