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Questionable New York Waterfall Locations Simplified

Questionable New York Waterfall Locations Simplified So, what is with all the ?-Marks… The question has come up recently as to why we have locations markers that don’t seem to be associated with a waterfall-feature, or even near a body of water. The orange “?” icon is very readily seen on the maps and it is an eyesore… “…we leave no stone unturned when looking for great locations…” Well, this is for good reason. Those locations are locations that we […]

ny waterfall map

New York State (Public) Waterfalls Map

The most comprehensive waterfall location map for New York State you will ever see…   …And this is only the first version! Dig The Falls, in conjunction with (,, Russell Dunn’s waterfalls and hiking guides, Edward M. Smathers, John Haywood, Paul Swiatkowski, Stanley Rusin, Jackie Machell, Julie Hughes Romano, Steve Young, Christy & Jan Butler… a lot of people… have put together a New York State waterfall map that will only continue to grow in value for the waterfall […]

Waterfall Litter and Vandalism Tracker

Version One of Our Tracker is Online! Visit here for full page site. Here at Dig The Falls, we want to empower our visitors. By offering this map, we can now see a real time updated view of how trails and locations look through the eyes of the people visiting these beautiful locations. If you see trash on the trail, vandalism of the area and even people perpetrating these acts, we want you to use this to show us what […]

Bash Bish Falls

Shooting the Falls – Bash Bish Falls

Bash Bish Falls By John Haywood Although Bash Bish Falls lies just over the Massachusetts border, we still include it with our New York waterfalls due to the close proximity and fact that there is access to the falls from a parking lot and trail located in New York. This 60-foot cascade has a distinct appearance as Bash Bish Brook becomes split by a large rock that resembles a horn. The water falls into a large pool where, although there […]

Split Rock Falls

Essex County Waterfalls!

Essex County: Waterfall Adventures Await! By John Haywood Essex County, without a doubt, contains the highest concentration of waterfalls within its 1,916 square mile area of any other county within the Adirondack Park. The greater Keene Valley area alone boasts dozens of waterfalls ranging from those at a few feet that fill swimming holes to the 300-foot Roaring Brook Falls. Following is just a sampling of what Essex County has to offer when it comes to waterfalls. We’ll take you […]

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