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Rock Garden Falls

The Allure of Waterfalls

The Allure of Waterfalls by John Haywood “Everyone loves waterfalls!” Something I hear so often when talking with people I meet. What is it about these natural wonders that people find so appealing? For most, it’s the waterfalls themselves. From the small cascades found at roadside to the thunderous behemoths like Niagara Falls, there are virtually endless variations for everyone’s enjoyment. A large, crashing waterfall creates a white noise that quickly becomes barely noticeable and can soothe the soul. There […]

Beer Walls 2

Finding Waterfalls

Creating Your Own Adventure by Russell Dunn In the Spring 1997 issue of Kaatskill Life (a quarterly magazine devoted to the Catskills), I wrote an article entitled “Hunting for Waterfalls.” Little has changed since that piece was written. People still love to get out and hike to waterfalls. As it turns out, there are way more waterfalls regionally than you would ever imagine, and many are close at hand. To put it another way, you don’t have to travel far […]


The Wonder of Waterfalls!

The Wonder of Waterfalls by Russell Dunn Have you ever stopped to consider that waterfalls exist because the world is imperfect? Consider – It all began 13.7 billion years ago when the universe burst forth in one cataclysmic “Big Bang.” In the eons that followed, had matter and energy been evenly distributed, then galaxies and stars would never have formed, and the universe today would be evenly spread out like a fine mist. There would be no matter. There would […]

Waterfalling is not about Perfection…

The Dig The Falls Waterfall Map Proves it! A quick and dirty map created on a napkin in the time of need can serve you better than a precise topographical map created well after a hike in the warmth of your home. As the great Ansel Adams once said: “There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept“. We couldn’t agree more! “There are errors, we guarantee!” I hope you will take the time to look over our […]


The Anthropocene, Altruism And A Waterfaller

Yes, Waterfallers should be knowledgeable of the Anthropocene and acknowledge that it is fact. Altruism? That is a matter of acceptance. You don’t have to agree with all the climate data presented in this Ted Talk, but the facts about human nature and the unmistakable power of human kindness cannot be ignored. A nod to a fellow hiker has a butterfly effect with a magnitude that is almost imperceivable, but measurable in the universe. A great guy, Marty Keary, wrote a […]

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