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troy narrows poestenkill gorge trail cleanup

#NYSecondSunday (#NYSecondSaturday, #trashtag)

The Second Sunday of each month is going to be something to look forward to! View this post on Instagram #digthefalls is working to add #morecontent in #2019 and we would like your help! . If you are presently working toward earning you #nywaterfallchallenge and you want to share your progress, we are looking to #publish #yourstory. . . We also have a lot of new #channelpartners joining, with many of those pages being built currently! @theupstateexperience has proven to […]

Dover Stone Church cave with waterfalls and ice hanging

Shooting the Falls – Dover Stone Church

Dover Stone Church, in Dover Plains, is a place I had always wanted to go see, but with all the work I had been doing in the Adirondacks and Finger Lakes, it had to wait… until this year! We had taken a trip there in January and arrived to an icy trail and a light rain that had moved in. Both of these, while nothing that would be a deterrent, made the short hike in a little unpleasant. The swollen […]

Glen Falls

Visiting Glen Falls – On the Road for New York Waterfalls!

By Donna McCabe (Bookgirl911 on Instagram) Nestled within the village of Williamsville you’ll find Glen Falls tumbling down as part of Ellicott Creek just after it passes below Main Street.  Glen Park, the falls namesake, is a quiet village park with paved paths meandering around interconnected ponds.  The creek used to serve as a power source for both a grist mill and a sawmill.   During the 1940’s & 1950’s, the park was also home to an amusement park.  Now though, […]

Chittenango Falls New York Waterfall

Central New York Waterfall Day-Trip

Central New York Waterfall Day-Trip by Donna McCabe (Bookgirl911 on Instagram) All photos by Donna McCabe When our anniversary comes around every year, my husband & I take a day off work and make plans to spend the day together.  This year, we made it a day of waterfalls and it turned out to be a fantastic day!  While my original plan was to hit up six waterfalls, we only managed to make it to five (LOL).  We took our […]

Stag Brook waterfall

Photographing Waterfalls – Capture Falls Like the Pros

Photographing Waterfalls by John Haywood This is meant to serve as a basic how-to for anyone who would like to photograph waterfalls like the pros. Everyone loves waterfalls! People love the scenery, the sound, and the feeling they give as the water crashes about the rocky landscape, whipping up a misty breeze. And with so many waterfalls across New York State, it’s impossible not to find a favorite waterfalls to photograph. Here, I offer pointers on how to capture your […]

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