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Dig The Falls Meetup

Accomplishing Our Mission! Giving back to our communities.

Dig The Falls has always supported cleaner, safer outdoor places to visit. We have worked tirelessly to raise funds that allow us to carryout our mission and give back to the community! That said, we are excited to announce that Dig The Falls has supported the Ausable River Association‘s Porta-John program in the Adirondacks with a sponsorship! The program, aimed to reduce littering and the reduction of human waste in and around the rivers, provides a Porta-John for travelers, fishermen, bicyclists, […]

I love My Park Day 2018

#digthefalls sponsored #ilovemyparkday2018 … …With a huge thank you going out to Parks & Trails New York for helping us along the way!! Dig The Falls had team members peppered across New York trying to provide as much assistance as we could for this amazing event. We were able to network with park officials and even land some newspaper/airtime. What was most amazing was the level of acceptance and support that was offered at each one of the sites we volunteered […]

Tenant Creek Falls 2

Getting the Shot: Tenant Creek Falls

By John Haywood I chose a throwback for this one as it caught my eye as I was going through photos and it inspired me. Tenant Creek Falls forms, as you may have guessed, on Tenant Creek in the Town of Hope. The trail makes its way through the woods until you arrive in a nice open area where a large pool has formed at the base of the waterfall. On this day, the sky was partly cloudy and the […]

Beecher Creek Falls

Shooting the Falls – Beecher Creek Falls

Beecher Creek Falls By John Haywood Beecher Creek Falls in Edinburg is a small, but scenic waterfall that forms on Beecher Creek just before it meets the Great Sacandaga Lake. The Copeland Covered Bridge spans the creek just downstream from the falls which adds to the picturesque setting. On this Fall day, I was headed back from a trip with stops in Keene, Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, Tupper Lake, and Long Lake. Although it was getting late, I decided to […]

New Croton Dam

Shooting the Falls – Croton Gorge Park

Photographing the Waterfall at Croton Gorge Park By John Haywood Ever since I saw the magnificent photos of the waterfall and dam at Croton Gorge Park, I’ve wanted to go there. Years had passed as I spend the majority of my time in the Adirondacks surveying for waterfalls for Russell Dunn’s guides and Dig the Falls database. I had a vision of what I wanted as an end-result and last November, I finally made it a reality. We started out […]

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