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Category : Waterfall Locations

House Creek Falls, Houseville Falls, Lewis County, New York

House Creek Falls – Glenfield

Located on Private property, House Creek Falls can only be seen from the bridge… But is it is still a very good start to a waterfall excursion in the area! House Creek Falls – Glenfield AKA: Houseville Creek Falls Location: Glenfield, Turin Town Parking and Trailhead: 43.69270, -75.40605 Stream/River/Watershed: House Creek Height of Falls/Type: 10-15 ft, Slide Cascade further downstream Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Roadside Try to visit these falls when you have time to visit some of the other local […]

Button Falls, West Edmeston, Brookfield Town, Madison County, New York

Button Falls – West Edmeston

Button Falls is a great spot to visit if you are in the mood for a drive-by… Waterfall visit, that is! AllTrails Map Location: West Edmeston, Brookfield Town POSTED PROPERTY – Do Not Trespass (The present property status is unknown) Parking, Trailhead, Waterfall: N42.79160 W75.26912 Stream/River/Watershed: Button Creek Height of Falls/Type: 40 ft, Cascade Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Roadside Comments/Notes (prior to 2015): Last known information was the property was up for sale. Land status unknown at this time. Maps: […]

Falls on Tributary to, Nowadaga Creek, Danube Twn, Herkimer County

Falls on Tributary to, Nowadaga Creek, Little Falls

Four falls in one hike make Nowadaga Keek an exciting place to visit! Falls on Tributary to, Nowadaga Creek – 4 Waterfalls – Little Falls Location: Little Falls, Danube Twn Parking and Trailhead: N42.99568 W74.78874 Stream/River/Watershed: Nowadaga Creek, Tributaries to Height of Falls/Type: 30 ft, 40 ft, 15 ft, 10 ft, Cascades Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Roadside Comments/Notes: From the intersection of 5S and Creek Rd at .8 miles, is Falls #1, a 30 ft Cascade (N42.99568 W74.78874). At 2.0 miles from the […]

Magilla Falls, Lewis County, New York

Magilla Falls – Lyons Falls

Lyons falls has some extraordinary waterfalls and Magilla Falls is no exception!   Magilla Falls – Lyons Falls AKA: Kosterville Falls Location: Lyons Falls, Lyonsdale Town Parking and Trailhead: 43.61392, -75.33517 Stream/River/Watershed: Moose River Height of Falls/Type: 25 ft, Curtain Cascade Class 5.1 Rapids Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Easy, Short Comments/Notes: Popular whitewater rafting route, Bottom of the Moose River Located at the Kosterville Site Park in the lower parking area before the building and walk down to the river. Goulds […]

Buttermilk Falls - Little Falls, Herkimer County, New York

Buttermilk Falls – Little Falls

There are approximately 27 Buttermilk Falls in NYS. Here is one of them…   Buttermilk Falls – Little Falls, NY Location: Little Falls Parking and Trailhead: 43.04897, -74.86847 Stream/River/Watershed: Unnamed Stream Height of Falls/Type: 50 ft, Cascade Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: About .1 Miles To The Falls. Comments/Notes: Close to the parking area is a sign showing City Of Little Falls Land and Water Conservation Fund. You will park in the athletic field parking lot, walk out to where the bathhouse […]

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