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Category : Waterfall Locations

Grunerts Falls, Lewis County, New York

Grunerts Falls – Croghan

Grunerts Falls is a beautiful short walk to a bridge over looking the falls   Grunerts Falls – Croghan Location: Croghan Parking and Trailhead: 43.97553, 75.23376 Stream/River/Watershed: Oswegatchie River West Branch Height of Falls/Type: 25 ft Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Short easy walk to the bridge overlooking the waterfall. Comments/Notes: Located right next to the Grunerts Camp and Inn There is a DEC fishing parking area There is no formal path You can see the bridge from the parking area […]

West Pond Outlet, Waterfall on, Herkimer County, New York

West Pond Outlet, Waterfall on – Eagle Bay

Waterfall on West Pond Outlet, located in the Fulton Chain Wild Forest   West Pond Outlet, Waterfall on – Eagle Bay Location: Eagle Bay, Webb Town Park/Area: Fulton Chain Wild Forest Parking and Trailhead: 43.81842, 74.88370 Landmark: Orvis Schoolhouse Trailhead Parking Area Stream/River/Watershed: West Pond Outlet Height of Falls/Type: 20 ft, Drops through large boulders and ledges Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: .4 mile one way Comments/Notes: The trail is easy to follow along an old dirt road. At about .3 […]

Crystal Falls, Lewis County, New York

Crystal Falls – Lyons Falls

Crystal Falls is part of a whitewater rafting route located on the Moose River   Crystal Falls – Lyons Falls Location: Lyons Falls, Lyonsdale Town Parking and Trailhead: 43.61345, 75.32694 Stream/River/Watershed: Moose River Height of Falls/Type: 30 ft, Cascade Class 5.1 Rapids Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Easy to Difficult, depending on if you go down closer to the river. This is a steep bank. Comments/Notes: The directions and access provided below is available during the times of the year that the […]

Stockbridge Falls, Madison County, New York

Stockbridge Falls – 3 Waterfalls – Munnsville

Stockbridge Falls is a beautiful roadside waterfall   Stockbridge Falls – 3 Waterfalls – Munnsville AKA: possible Oneida Falls Location: Munnsville, Stockbridge Town Parking and Trailhead: 42.95156, 75.60731 Stream/River/Watershed: Oneida Creek Height of Falls/Type: 100 ft Total, 8 ft Lower, Cascade Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Roadside Comments/Notes: There are 3 Main waterfalls all centrally located within close proximity of each other. There is Stockbridge Upper Falls, Stockbridge Falls or Main Falls and then Stockbridge Lower Falls. Both Upper and Lower Falls […]

Oxbow Falls County Park Waterfall #3, Canastota, Lincoln Town, Madison County, New York

Oxbow Falls County Park – 3 Waterfalls – Canastota

Oxbow Falls County Park has great waterfalls, hiking, picnic area and a Frisbee golf course   Oxbow Falls County Park – 3 Waterfalls – Canastota Location: Canastota, Lincoln Town Park/Area: Oxbow Falls County Park Parking and Trailhead: N43.02976 W75.74148 Stream/River/Watershed: Clockville Creek Height of Falls/Type: 100 ft, Ribbon Main Falls Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: .3 mile to the small bridges at the top of falls, 1.3 mile rt to include the lower trail. Comments/Notes: There are 3 main waterfalls in […]

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