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Category : Waterfall Locations

Rice's Falls

Rice’s Falls – Elizabethtown

Rice’s Falls – Elizabethtown Several small cascades below a breached dam lead downstream to Rice’s Falls, a 15-foot drop adjacent to a large sluiceway. To get there: GPS: 44°13.294’N 73°36.802’W – From Elizabethtown (junction of Routes 9N West & 9), head northwest on Route 9N for 1.0 mile and park to your right in a large pull-off, just before Lord Road. Several tiny paths lead down to the Little Boquet, from where the main path can be followed for short […]

Shingle Mill Falls

Shingle Mill Falls – Paul Smiths

Shingle Mill Falls – Paul Smiths Shingle Mills Falls is a 10-foot-high cascade named for a shingle mill that once operated next to it. To get there: GPS: 44°26.368’N 74°15.527’W – From Paul Smiths (junction of Routes 30 & 86), drive north on Route 30 for 0.9 mile. Turn left onto a road that leads southwest for <0.3 mile to the parking area for the Paul Smith’s College Visitor Interpretive Center. From behind the Visitor Center, walk south on the […]

Sinclair Falls

Sinclair Falls – Degrasse

Sinclair Falls – Degrasse Sinclair Falls is a 10-foot-high, modest-sized waterfall that is one of eight that have formed on the Tooley Pond Road section of the Grass River. To get there: GPS: 44°20.288’N 75°02.748’W – From Degrasse (junction of Routes 27/Clare Road & 11/Degrasse-Russell Road), drive northeast on Route 27/Clare Road for 0.5 mile and turn right onto Tooley Pond Road. Head east for <2.0 miles. Just before reaching Lake George Road (entering from the southwest), turn right into […]

Upper La Chute Falls 1

Falls on the LaChute River – Ticonderoga

Falls on the LaChute River – Ticonderoga The Falls on the LaChute River are made up of several falls that have formed on the upper section of the La Chute River, the largest being ~15 feet in height. To get there: GPS: 43°50.340’N 73°25.896’W – From the traffic circle at Ticonderoga (junction of Montcalm Street & Route 9N/Wicker Street), drive east on Montcalm Street for 0.4 mile. Turn right onto Lake George Avenue, head south for 0.6 mile, and turn […]

Whiteface Brook Falls

Falls on Whiteface Brook – Wilmington

Falls on Whiteface Brook The Falls on Whiteface Brook are a 30-foot-high, off-trail waterfall. To get there: GPS: 44°21.057’N 73°55.497’W – From Lake Placid (junction of Routes 86 & 73), drive northeast on Route 86 for 2.9 miles. Turn left onto Connery Pond Road and head northwest for 0.6 mile to park in an area at the drivable end of the road. Follow the red-blazed trail/abandoned logging road north for 2.5 miles. At the trail junction near the northeast end […]

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