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Category : Waterfall Locations


Dugway Falls (Brimstone Falls, Sulfur Falls) – Sharon Springs

Dugway Falls, Brimstone Falls or Sulfur Falls… You smell it and decide for yourself… Dugway Falls has many names, but one of the more adequate nick-names is Brimstone Falls due to the abundance of sulfur and other minerals in the spring water fed stream flowing over the 35′ waterfall. At times the sulfur smell can be overwhelming for the un-expecting visitor. It is said that there are three major springs, each containing a unique mixture of minerals very different from […]


Mill Park Falls – Mill Park, Lake Luzerne

This is truly an unexpected Beauty! Mill Park Falls, (GPS: 43°19.276’N 73°50.385’W) located on an outlet stream to Lake Luzerne called Stewart Brook, is one of those smaller waterfalls that are often forgotten or passed over because of bigger area waterfalls. Rockwell Falls, located on the Hudson River a short way downriver from where Stewart Brook empties into the river, is much bigger and much more visible to visitors to the area. Not to be upstaged, Mill Park Falls is […]


Poestenkill Falls Park – Mount Ida Falls – Troy

Mount Ida Falls has several names, depending on who you talk to. In Poestenkill Gorge Park is located one of Troy’s best-kept secrets; Poestenkill Falls. Referred to as Poestenkill falls, Mt. Ida Falls, Wire Mill Falls and Poestenkill High Falls you will find it hard not to call them incredible. Totalling of over 175′ from top to bottom, you will only be able to see the bottom most portion from publicly accessible land. The upper portion of these falls is […]


Niagara Falls State Park – Niagara Falls

Arguably the most famous waterfall in New York State and possibly the United States Niagara Falls is an absolute must-see for any waterfall enthusiast. Consisting of the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls on the American side and Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side, this is truly an amazing park to visit. In case you want to visit all three of the waterfalls in one visit, there is a ferry named for an Indian maiden who was sacrificed to the […]


Letchworth State Park – Mt. Morris, Perry, Castile, Portageville and Nunda!

Over 19 mile of river that includes dozens of medium to large waterfalls! Letchworth State Park, or “The Grand Canyon of the East”, is home to 24+ waterfalls, miles of hiking trails and year-round accessibility for many other outdoor activities. Middle Falls, one of the parks main attractions, is the park’s most accessible waterfall and can be visited almost any time of the year. The waterfall stands over 100′ high and over 150′ wide and has several vantage points from […]

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