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Burrville Falls at the Burrville Cider Mill – Burrville

Family owned and operated cider mill; and the waterfall is great too! Burrville Falls is located on the private property of Burrville Cider Mill Inc but can be accessed by a deck behind the mill with permission from the owners. The owners are very generous hosts of this waterfall and a great way to thank them is to check out their delicious selection of apples and other home-grown goods! Burrville Falls is one of the several waterfalls on the creek, […]


Eternal Flame Falls – Orchard Park, Erie

It turns out that fire and water do play well with each other! Eternal Flame Falls is located in Chestnut Ridge Park but requires you to enter from a small trail off Chestnut Ridge Rd. (Rt. 277) for easiest access to this particular portion of Shale Creek. Eternal Flame Falls is a 30′ waterfall that has a unique feature that no other known natural waterfall possesses and, as the name suggests, it is well worth a visit almost any time […]


High Falls at High Falls Park Campground – Chateaugay

Likely New York’s most northern waterfall High Falls is located on the High Falls Park Campground property and is bordered on the other side of the river by private property and a hydroelectric building (not known to be in commission at this time). This 120′ waterfall can be most safely accessed through the campground, which generously offers access to the waterfall for a $2 fee (when we last visited). Of course, the campground wants everyone to be safe, so there […]


Dugway Falls – Sharon Springs, Schoharie

Dugway Falls, Brimstone Falls or Sulfur Falls… You smell it and decide for yourself… Dugway Falls has many names, but one of the more adequate nick-names is Brimstone Falls due to the abundance of sulfur and other minerals in the spring water fed stream flowing over the 35′ waterfall. At times the sulfur smell can be overwhelming for the un-expecting visitor. It is said that there are three major springs, each containing a unique mixture of minerals very different from […]


Mill Park Falls – Mill Park, Lake Luzerne, Warren

This is truly an unexpected Beauty! Mill Park Falls, (GPS: 43°19.276’N 73°50.385’W) located on an outlet stream to Lake Luzerne called Stewart Brook, is one of those smaller waterfalls that are often forgotten or passed over because of bigger area waterfalls. Rockwell Falls, located on the Hudson River a short way downriver from where Stewart Brook empties into the river, is much bigger and much more visible to visitors to the area. Not to be upstaged, Mill Park Falls is […]