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Category : Waterfall Locations

Falls on Fitting Creek

Falls on Fitting Creek (Widows Creek Falls) – Hudson

Falls on Fitting Creek, or more creepily named Widows Creek Falls… Falls on Fitting Creek, also known as Widows Creek Falls, is a medium sized roadside waterfall that can be visited any time of year. The properties on both sides of the waterfall are posted, but if you are able to gain permission there is a second tier to the waterfall that can only be viewed behind the houses to the left and right of the stream. The house is […]


Creamery Falls – North Blenheim

Roadside and accessible to the greater public, Creamery falls is a great stop-off point on your way to Mine Kill Falls. The beautiful 20′ tall Creamery Falls, located on Mill Creek, is one of those falls that deserves a visit while driving in the area but should be coupled with another waterfall in the area (like Mine Kill Falls – Continue following Rt. 30 South). The view for this falls is roadside. This a two-tiered waterfall that also has some […]


Havana Glen Park – Eagle Cliff Falls – Montour Falls

Famous for Eagle Cliff Falls, this location actually holds over a dozen smaller waterfalls and cascades! Eagle Crest Falls is one of the few waterfalls in the state that flows between two vertical walls of rock, straight into a pool below. The basin this waterfall is situated in is quite large, but the shallow pool can encompass the entirety, making it almost impossible not to get your feet wet. Entering the park, you will pass a very small building, just big […]


Falls in East Nassau – East Nassau

The Falls in East Nassau are a bit of a mystery. Falls or Rapids, we are unsure but beautiful they are! Located not too far away from Albany, the capital of NY, The Falls of East Nassau is a nice retreat from the hustle of the city. This small burg is home to these beautiful little waterfalls nestled inside a small natural area. The waterfalls range from about 15′ to as small as a couple of feet high; more like […]


Spruce Creek Falls – Dolgeville

This is a perfect stop off point when in the area! Located in Salisbury Center, Spruce Creek Falls is a beautiful destination worthy of a day trip to the area. The creek flows year round and there are many trails located in the immediate vicinity of the falls. There is a small one lane covered bridge just upstream of the falls as well. Built in 1875, the Salisbury Center Bridge is shut down during the winter but can be crossed […]

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