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Deer Brook Falls – Keene Valley

Deer Brook Falls

Deer Brook Falls – Keene Valley

Deer Brook Falls is a commanding, 80-foot-high cascade on Deer Brook in Keene Valley.

To get there: GPS: 44°09.834’N 73°47.565’W – From Euba Mills (junction of Routes 73 & 9), drive northwest  on Route 73 for ~6.6 miles, and park to your right after crossing over the bridge spanning the East Branch of the Ausable River. Walk across Route 73 to the opposite side and pick up the blue-blazed Deer Brook Trail that ultimately leads to Snow Mtn and Rooster Comb Mtn.

After 0.1 mile, you will reach a decision point. You can either continue following an eroded trail through the gorge past multiple medium-sized cascades and come out to the rim 0.6 mile later, or follow the high-water rim trail.

Taking either route, you will reach a footbridge spanning Deer Brook at ~0.8 mile, where a pothole cascade can be seen. Instead of crossing over the footbridge, continue straight ahead for another <0.1 mile to reach Deer Brook Falls.

This waterfall can be found in the Keene Valley Region Waterfall Guide by Russell Dunn.


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