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Do you Dig The Falls? Are you a dedicated waterfall-lover who scours the maps and vigorously explores the lands in search of the next stunning cascade? Or are you someone who casually appreciates a waterfall’s beauty? Happy to browse a waterfall guidebook and visit some here and there. Either way, if you like waterfalls, you “Dig The Falls”! And, either way, you’re more than welcome in our little slice of waterfall heaven!

Early on, a lot of people, OK almost everyone, didn’t quite get the name. Some thought it was a website dedicated to “fail” videos of people falling. Others thought we were archeologists who were excavating areas around New York state. We took some lumps and a lot of criticism at first, but as Dig The Falls pressed onward, things began to fall in line (including the font).

It started with the idea of building a database of waterfalls across the state of New York. As the locations added up, it became clear this would lead to new york state waterfall mapmuch more. A map was created to showcase New York state waterfalls and to make them available to the public, with the exception of private and posted properties. An interactive New York State Waterfall map was developed and became known as our “Knowledgebase“. Through this map, users can identify waterfalls across the state, setting search parameters and getting directions, all on one screen.

Dig The Falls Team, waterfall trail cleanup Eventually the team grew, and so did Dig The Falls’ mission. Rather than being just another website with a waterfall on a map, Dig The Falls chose to take an active role in preserving and protecting these areas. Promoting stewardship and best practices for hiking, as well as safety and preparedness, became an important part of the mission. But it doesn’t end there! Dig The Falls is also active in community clean-ups, leading the charge through the #NYSecondSunday and #twobucketchallenge initiatives, and taking part in the REI #optoutside and #opttoact movements.

Even more exciting is the work Dig The Falls has done to improve public areas. Work on The Narrows Cascades and Heritage Trail in Troy, NY. This five-mile urban trail system will be a centerpiece of the city once completed. The trails will link several neighborhoods and pass by a number of waterfalls that are a key part of the city’s industrial history.

Partnerships with New York State Parks, and other great organizations like Leave No Trace Center for Outdoors Ethics and Capital-Mohawk PRISM, have been formed, and are leading to more opportunities to give back to the communities across the state. Helping to restore trails, promoting stewardship, and joining the effort against invasive species are just a small part.

We’ve also created a series of waterfall challenges! The Dig The Falls NYS 100, Adirondack Fifty Falls Challenge, and Finger Lakes Region Waterfall Challenge are designed to get people outside to explore new areas and visit state parks. Promoting travel and tourism is a big part of these challenges.

There are many more exciting things in store for the coming year! Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to keep up with all we do.

If you’d like to know more about what we do, share your adventures, or would like to join the team in one of many roles, email us at info@digthefalls.com

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