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Dover Stone Church Cave Waterfall – Dover Plains


Dover Stone Church Cave Waterfall – Beautiful and very unique!

This is arguably the easiest cave waterfall that can be visited in New York State. Dover Stone Church Cave Waterfall (listed in Catskill Region Waterfall Guide by Russell Dunn and also Waterfalls of New York State) is not a true cave waterfall since it is actually located in a very deep crevasse that widens dramatically below the surface of the crack in the ground, but is none the less beautiful and unique.

Aside from the little bit of light that filters through the crack in the ceiling, the cave is dark. Flashlights are suggested anytime other than mid-day if you choose to venture too far into the cave to get a closer look at the waterfall.

Stone Church is a beautiful little park with a tree-lined path that greets you at the park entrance and leads you to the picnic areas and the stream that flows from the cave entrance. The entrance to the park is located just off Rt. 22 and is marked by a blue and yellow historical marker. Parking is located across the street from the park entrance.

Closest Geolocated Address: 97 Cart Rd, Dover Plains, NY 12522, USA
Location Lat/Long: 41.739075

Dover Stone Church Cave Waterfall – Dover Plains

97 Cart Rd, Dover Plains, NY 12522, USA
Distance: 0.63 km

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