Falls on the LaChute River – Ticonderoga

Upper La Chute Falls 1

Falls on the LaChute River – Ticonderoga

The Falls on the LaChute River are made up of several falls that have formed on the upper section of the La Chute River, the largest being ~15 feet in height.

To get there: GPS: 43°50.340’N 73°25.896’W – From the traffic circle at Ticonderoga (junction of Montcalm Street & Route 9N/Wicker Street), drive east on Montcalm Street for 0.4 mile. Turn right onto Lake George Avenue, head south for 0.6 mile, and turn right into a semi-circular parking area. From behind the interpretive sign at the parking area, follow a path southwest for 0.1 mile to reach the La Chute River Interpretive Trail. Turn left onto the Interpretive Trail and follow it west for 0.1 mile for views of the upper falls. You can also do this hike by starting from the Heritage Museum and Visitor Center in Ticonderoga, following the river upstream.


Closest Geolocated Address: 133 Lord Howe St, Ticonderoga, NY 12883, USA

Location Lat/Long: 43.838341

Falls on the LaChute River – Ticonderoga

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