Welcome to the Dig The Falls FAQ page!

Below are some common FAQ’s for the Dig The Falls community and New York State waterfalls in general. If you can’t find it here, you probably won’t find it here… Oh! And feel free to email us should you have further questions!

About Dig The Falls

Does DTF sell prints?
DTF does not currently sell prints, but a lot of our personal friends do!! A short list will be put up very soon! In the mean time, email us if you like a specific image on the site!
Is DTF a big company?
No 🙂 DTF is actually one guy behind the scenes (Edward Smathers - doing all the tech stuff) with a bunch of really cool friends helping to spread the word about New York State waterfalls!
When did Dig The Falls start the “List”?
Dig The Falls started the List some time around 2004 - 2005. Shortly after which we learned about the great work that www.Falzguy.net has been doing in Western and Central New York!

General FAQ

Why not? Seriously? Can you think of a better subject to be so passionate about? There's a reason why there are so many websites devoted to waterfalls. We are just hoping Dig The Falls will be your go-to website for New York State waterfall locations. 🙂
Does DTF collect member fees?
No 🙂 All funding to the Dig The Falls website and activities to date have been personally financed by Dig The Falls. If you like what you see and wish to help further our efforts, feel free to donate with the button at the bottom of this page.
Does Dig The Falls have an app?
Dig The Falls has teamed up with Field Trip to offer content through their Field Trip App. Our site is also mobile friendly for easy viewing with almost any tablet or smart phone.

Waterfall Location Specifics

Does the list only include waterfalls?
Technically the list includes waterfalls, cascades and very few rapids (which were listed as waterfalls on historical topographical maps).
Where did all of these location details come from?
Many, many sources, but we will have a citation page ASAP so everyone can see just how wide the New York Waterfall network really is!
Is that map for REAL??
Yes it is. The map located in the knowledgebase is a work in progress, but it does a great job at representing the number of waterfalls in New York State!
Why are some locations missing?
If the location is public, the reason may be that we have not yet been informed of the location. Email us if you feel you know of a location that has been missed. If it is new, we will use you as the originating source of the location 🙂
Why exclude posted/private waterfalls?
Land owner rights matter. Dig The Falls reputation hinges on this one statement. These waterfalls are posted or private in part because someone did not respect the location and the property the waterfall was located on. Which is why we take land owner rights very seriously. We go as far as removing any waterfall location(s) whenever we are requested to, by the land owner. Sometimes not even mentioning the name itself!
What “technically” makes it a waterfall (DTF Standards)?
To be considered a waterfall, by Dig The Falls standards, there are some criteria that have to be met:
  • Must be at least 5' tall
  • Must not be seasonal (ephemeral) flow or only have flow during rainy times of the year
  • Generally speaking, the waterfall should be naturally occurring
Having a name or being notated on an historical topographical map can trump some of these criteria. Generally speaking, if Bilbo Baggins can see over the crest it's not on this list!

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