Fern Gully – Keene, NY

Fern Gully

Take the plunge at Fern Gully

Fern Gully is formed on the North Fork of the Boquet River approximately 50 yards upstream from Rte 73. A small but, attractive waterfall drops about five feet into a large, deep pool which is no doubt a popular stop on hot Summer days.

Getting there – From the Roaring Brook Falls parking area, head Southeast for approximately 4 miles until you will come upon a small bridge that spans the North Fork of the Boquet River. After parking in one of the small parking areas on either side, look for a trail on the northern side of the bridge.

Follow this well-worn trail for approximately 50 yards and you will come to an area used for campfires. There are three trails here. One leads steeply uphill, one leads from next to a fire pit to the river, and the third leads up to a second campsite area. If you follow the second trail, it will take to to the base of the pool without having to climb down large rocks as the third trail does.

  • Fern Gully
    Fern Gully

Closest Geolocated Address: NY-73, Keene Valley, NY 12943, USA
Location Lat/Long: 44.112965

Fern Gully – Keene, NY

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