This location is no longer accessible. Do not trespass.

Waterfall Name: Great Falls
Alternative Name(s):
Height: 45′
Access/Location Classification:
Waterway: Housatonic River
Cave/Forest/Preserve Name:

Altitude (Appx Meters):

Town: Falls Village
County: Litchfield
CT Tourism Region:
CT Tourism:
CTDEC Region:
CTDEC Contact:


Parking Notes:
Trail head:
Trail Notes:

Originator: John Haywood
Source 2: Russell Dunn
Source 3: Christy Butler
Source 4:

For more information on New York State waterfalls, please visit our New York waterfall map.


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  1. Is it was closed due to abuse, large amounts of trash left to wash down the river (6 garbage bags full) massive amounts of people, residents not being able to use their road because of all the cars parked illegally sometimes blocking residence driveways, and just this past week the second rescue call this one being so bad 10 units needed to be called to the scene including life Star helicopter and two rope rescue units.

  2. This location is closed to the public beginning July 6th 2020. police are patrolling the area for trespassers and people who are parking illegally.

    1. Thank you. We have noted it and removed location information. Was there a specific reason for the closure? We’re seeing many places being abused and closed because of large amounts of garbage left behind.

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