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Griffin Falls – Wells

Griffin Falls

Finding Griffin Falls

Griffin Falls is formed on the East Branch of the Sacandaga River just upstream from its junction with the main body of the Sacandaga River. The falls are located in Griffin Gorge, where the bedrock is notably slanted at a 45-degree angle. The falls are made up of several drops where the river drops 30 feet over 100 yards with the main fall being 8-feet in height.

To get there: GPS: 43°28.365’N 74°13.484’W – From Wells, proceed north on Rte 30 for about 3.5 miles where you will find the intersection with Rte 8. Turn right onto Rte 8 and proceed northeast for approximately 2.5 miles. Look for a trail sign on the right that reads “Trail to Rte 8 at George Brook, Cod Pond, Willis Lake”. On the opposite side of the road, you will see a dirt road. Turn onto and follow that road downhill for 0.2 miles. After you cross the river, park along the side of the road. You will find trails that will lead to views of the falls.

Source: Adirondack Waterfall Guide by Russell Dunn

  • Griffin Falls

Closest Geolocated Address: Teachout Rd, Wells, NY 12190, USA
Location Lat/Long: 43.472893

Griffin Falls – Wells

Teachout Rd, Wells, NY 12190, USA

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