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Grimes Glen Park – Naples


A fun and beautiful location for the entire family!

Grimes Glen Gorge, or simply known as Grimes Glen, is a gorge in the town of Naples hosting over 3 waterfalls, two ranging from 20-30 feet and the largest being near 50 feet. It is owned by Ontario County and is located in the Grimes Glen Park.

Be prepared to get your feet wet here. There are spots where you have to actually pull yourself up a rope to get to the next waterfall and also walk through the water to proceed up the creek. Proper foot apparel is recommended due to the creek rock being slippery.

The waterfalls are simply beautiful here. The first falls are over 20 feet high while the one at the end is to be near 50 feet. Water pools and smooth chutes also accompany this gorge, which makes it an even more enjoyable. This is an in and out hike because the last fall is an un-climbable slippery wall of rock. Please, do not take the risk of climbing up the last fall; it could result in serious injury.

Closest Geolocated Address: 8232 W Hollow Rd, Naples, NY 14512, USA
Location Lat/Long: 42.615650

Grimes Glen Park – Naples

8232 W Hollow Rd, Naples, NY 14512, USA

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