Indian Falls – Keene, NY

Indian Falls – Keene – Mt. Marcy Trail

Indian Falls on the trail to New York’s Highest peak, Mt. Marcy, is a regular stop for hikers on their way to and from the 5,344 ft High Peak.

The top of the falls offers a view of the MacIntyre Range which includes Algonquin Peak (5,115ft), Iroquois Peak (4,840ft), Wright Peak (4,580ft), Boundary Peak (4,829ft – Does not qualify as a High Peak) and Mount Marshall (4,360ft).

This waterfall can be found in the Adirondack Waterfall Guide by Russell Dunn.

Closest Geolocated Address: Mt Marcy Trail, Keene Valley, NY 12943, USA
Location Lat/Long: 44.140530

Indian Falls – Keene, NY

Mt Marcy Trail, Keene Valley, NY 12943, USA

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