Jamestown Falls – Sevey Corners

Jamesville Falls

Jamestown Falls – Sevey Corners

Jamestown Falls is a broad, 10-foot high, elongated cascade. A small lodge can be seen on the opposite bank of the fall.

To get there: GPS: 44°19.481’N 74°42.936’W – From Sevey Corners (junction of Routes 56 & 3), drive north on Route 56 for 2.6 miles. Turn right onto an unmarked dirt road and proceed east for <0.3 mile to park. Walk back up the road for 50 feet and turn left onto a well-worn trail that leads upriver (south) for 0.3 mile to the top of the waterfall. A small stream must be crossed along the way. Jamestown Falls can also be seen from where you parked, albeit from a distance.

Information and photo provided by Russell Dunn.

This waterfall is part of the Adirondack Fifty Falls Challenge Guide by John Haywood and Russell Dunn.

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