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Before using this map, please visit our Safety page.
It is in no way fully exhaustive of precautions or procedures, but is a great way to help be more safe while on the trail.

PLEASE NOTE: All properties should be considered posted and/or private property unless you have specific knowledge otherwise. Access to any waterfall or natural area of any category is a privilege and can be revoked at any time for any reason. Respect landowner rights, speak out should you witness anyone doing otherwise and educate everyone willing to listen about good environmental stewardship and the Leave No Trace (LNT) ideology. Please use our New York State Waterfall Map responsibly.

Use the map below as a reference for New York State Waterfalls. Please keep in mind that these locations are not 100% accurate as they are always being updated to be more accurate and comprehensive, and to accommodate changes in access. While many NYS waterfalls are readily accessible on NYS lands, many others fall on private land. We work diligently to ensure we do not share waterfalls found on private, but with an ever-changing world, sometimes they slip through. We ask that you notify us immediately should a waterfall that is on private land, where the landowner does not grant access, be found listed on our site. Email info@digthefalls.com

In addition to the NYS waterfalls map, we also have a Blog with many great articles and waterfall roadtrips, a Hiking Resources page, and links to videos we’ve posted on YouTube.

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The Knowledgebase and NYS waterfalls map are set up to group these waterfalls by geographical location.
These Regional divides are in the process of being updated to align better with New York State’s Tourism Regions.

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Notes and Acknowledgments:

The Greater Niagara Region, Finger Lakes Region and Southern Tier have all been HEAVILY populated with waterfall locations first surveyed by www.Falzguy.com and are copyright 1997 www.Falzguy.com.

The Capital Region, Hudson Valley Region, and North Country Region have all been HEAVILY contributed to by Russel Dunn and his regional waterfall guides that can be found here.

ALL Regions have been HEAVILY edited/fact checked with waterfall locations personally surveyed by Bobbie Yager Sweeting of www.BobbiesWaterfalls.com

SPECIAL THANKS go out to John Haywood of Waterfalls of Upstate New York for the numerous data collection and verification excursions to the Adirondacks/North Country Region; Sometimes in conjunction with Russell Dunn and with the purpose of adding to the great library of waterfall guides Russell Dunn has already created (and the fantastic books John Haywood is rumored to be presently writing).

Please visit our Sources Page for more information on the sources for all of these locations!

All data located herein are owned and operated by Dig The Falls (www.DigTheFalls.com). Unless otherwise noted, all data located within the waterfall lists are copyright 2016 Dig The Falls (website: www.DigTheFalls.com) and where listed copyright 1997 Scott A. Ensminger (email: Falzguy@verizon.net website: www.Falzguy.com).

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NOTE: Dig The Falls would like all site visitors to take the greatest precautions when visiting any location listed herein. Although there are some locations that fall within park systems, there are many more that do not and are considered very dangerous to visit. ALL outdoor locations can be considered dangerous. In visiting this website you are agreeing to release Dig The Falls of any liability from any visitations to any of the locations listed on the website as a whole.

CAUTION: Outdoor recreational activities are, by their very nature, potentially hazardous and contain risk. Locations, trails, and waterfalls listed on this site, and conditions, accuracy, and safety, cannot be guaranteed. You are hiking and visiting these locations at your own risk and at your own will.


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