Auger Falls

Auger Falls is a fairly large waterfall located on Macomber Brook a little over a mile upstream from where the creek meets the East Branch Sacandaga River. The waterfall comprises of three major drops totaling over 100′ which are all view-able from trails that run the length of the creek around the falls area.

To access Auger Falls you need to locate the parking area for the trail heads, which is about 2 miles north of where Rt. 8 and Rt. 30 split. The parking area is on the right side if traveling north on Rt. 8. The parking area looks like a dirt pull off, but opens to a short dirt road and another larger parking area. There are a number of trail heads that can be access from the parking area and all eventually lead to the creek and finally to the waterfalls.

The trails are not well marked for direction of travel, so it is important to keep track of where you are and have been. If all else fails, you can follow the trails upstream which will eventually lead to the far end of the parking area.

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