Mill Park Falls – Mill Park, Lake Luzerne, Warren


This is truly an unexpected Beauty!

Mill Park Falls, (GPS: 43°19.276’N 73°50.385’W) located on an outlet stream to Lake Luzerne called Stewart Brook, is one of those smaller waterfalls that are often forgotten or passed over because of bigger area waterfalls. Rockwell Falls, located on the Hudson River a short way downriver from where Stewart Brook empties into the river, is much bigger and much more visible to visitors to the area.

Not to be upstaged, Mill Park Falls is a beautiful escape from over traveled streets and the encroaching rural feel of Rockwell Falls. This is not to say Rockwell Falls is not beautiful, but Mill Park is a must visit while in the area. Easily accessed by the well-maintained park trails, the waterfall can be found by following the trails downstream and past an old log cabin. The unique placement of the boulders on the stream adds a very calming feel to the waterfall and during much of the year the water is high enough to create a very picturesque scene for photographers.

The waterfall is not much over 15′ in height, but makes for a perfect spot to visit almost any time of the year, even if only passing through the area. (The sunset was captured at the parking area next to the lake)

The park has a strict no pet policy and parking is located across the street close to Lake Luzerne. If you bring a pet with you, make sure they are safe and comfortable, especially on a warm day.

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Waterfall Name: Mill Park Falls
Alternative Name(s): n/a
Phone: …..
Website: …..

Classification: Analysis in Progress
Height: 25′ Total, (small dam, upper 6-8′ ledges, footbridge small cascade, 10′ main cascade)
Crest: Varied
Access/Location Classification: Accessible/May not be verified

Waterway: Stewart Brook
Cave/Forest/Preserve Name: Mill Park/Lake Luzerne Village Park
Clove/Gulch/Valley/Glen: n/a
Gorge/Hollow/Gulf/Gully/Ravine/Chasm: n/a
Lat/Long: 43.32128, -73.83882
Altitude (Appx Meters): 188.4

Town: Lake Luzerne
County: Warren
NYS Tourism Region: Adirondack Mountains
NYS Tourism: https://esd.ny.gov/industries/tourism
NYDEC Region: Eastern Adirondacks/Lake Champlain
NYDEC Contact: https://www.dec.ny.gov/about/558.html

Parking: 43.32122, -73.84021
Parking Notes: …..
Trail head: TBD, TBD
Trail Notes: Short Walk
We are in the process of collecting trails via www.WikiLoc.com, which we will make available in the near future. “Analysis In Progress”, “TBD”, and empty fields denote information currently being collected.

Originator: Russell Dunn
Source 2: www.bobbieswaterfalls.net
Source 3: …..
Source 4: …..

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NOTE: Get Directions uses Geolocator for closest known address. Double check directions prior to the start of your journey.

Closest Geolocated Address: Mill Park, Mill St, Lake Luzerne, NY 12846, USA
Location Lat/Long: 43.321255, -73.839043

Mill Park Falls – Mill Park, Lake Luzerne, Warren

NOTE: Get Directions uses Geolocator for the closest known address. Double check directions prior to the start of your journey.

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