Greater Niagara Region


Wolcott Falls Park – Wolcott

This little park is the perfect stop point if traveling near Wolcott! Wolcott Falls is a 25′ waterfall found in the aptly named Wolcott Falls Park and is easily accessed from a wide trail system that starts at the upper grassy field next to the parking area and ends near the bottom of the waterfall. From the top viewing platform, located right next to the parking area, you can see the entire waterfall, although a little obstructed by some of […]


Akron Falls Park – Akron

And you thought Akron Ohio was a big deal!! Akron Falls is one of several waterfalls located inside the park bounds. This main waterfall is the tallest, measuring at about 44′ and is very dynamic in its flow depending on the time of year it is visited. Due to the unique formation of its rock face, during lower flows, the water does not travel over the crest. Instead, it flows through cracks from the top and out of various smaller […]


Lower Falls of Rochester

A waterfall near the heart of Rochester. Who knew? Located only a couple miles down river from High Falls, Lower Falls offers up more impressive views of the city of Rochester. From the Genesee Riverway Trail, you can gain easy access to many great views of this waterfall. Other great views can be achieved from the bridge spanning Driving Park Ave, just down river from Lower Falls. However you choose to view this waterfall, you will want to park across the […]


Java Falls – Java

Not to be mistaken for Angel falls, which is located elsewhere in the area! Java Falls is a beautiful roadside waterfall that can be easily accessed and photographed by using the small path by the bridge that is a short distance downstream from the main waterfall. Incorrectly labeled on historical topo maps and Google Maps as Angel Falls, this smaller waterfall is actually named Java Falls. The actual location of Angel Falls is elsewhere in the area, on private property, […]


Eternal Flame Falls – Chestnut Ridge Park – Orchard Park

It turns out that fire and water do play well with each other! Eternal Flame Falls is located in Chestnut Ridge Park but requires you to enter from a small trail off Chestnut Ridge Rd. (Rt. 277) for easiest access to this particular portion of Shale Creek. Eternal Flame Falls is a 30′ waterfall that has a unique feature that no other known natural waterfall possesses and, as the name suggests, it is well worth a visit almost any time […]

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