North Country Region

Lansing Kill Falls, Lansing Kill, Oneida County, New York

Lansing Kill Falls – Boonville

A Double Treat You Can’t Resist! Parking and Trailhead: N43.43334 W75.32817 Stream/River/Watershed: Lansing Kill Creek Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Short Scramble There is a small parking spot almost directly in front of an access point for the Erie canal trail system. You will see the bridge and falls from the road. From the road walk over to the bridge. Be sure to take a moment and look to your left at the bridge. It is hard to imagine what appears […]

Moshier Lower Falls, Webb Twn, Herkimer County

Moshier Lower Falls – 5 Waterfalls – Lowville

Adventure Part 2 of the Moshier Falls Section Parking and Trailhead: N43.87017 W75.13762 Stream/River/Watershed: Beaver River Height of Falls/Type: Slide, Cascade, Class 5.1 Rapids Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: .2 mile Roundtrip From the parking area, which also used for the Moshier Upper Falls when gate is closed, cross the road and the trail starts right there. Follow the path down and cross over. You will come to what appears as a 4-way intersection, you want to go right. Follow this […]

Moshier Upper Falls, Webb Twn, Herkimer County

Moshier Upper Falls – 4 Waterfalls – Lowville

Moshier Upper Falls on the Beaver River, the beginning of the thundering adventure! Parking and Trailhead: See below Stream/River/Watershed: Beaver River Height of Falls/Type: Various Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Described within the comments and notes Looking for action and adventure, this is a must see location for you. The Moshier Upper Falls section is part of the American Whitewater rafting route. This area is open to public two times per year. There are several waterfalls along this section. Four named […]

Cascade Lake Falls

Cascade Lake Falls – Keene, NY

Cascade Lake Falls Cascade Lake Falls forms on the shoulder of Cascade Mountain, the 36th highest peak in New York. The unnamed waterway flows down the #7 slide on side of of the mountain between Upper and Lower Cascade Lakes. This sizeable waterfall begins to take shape halfway down and continues past the tree-line where it ultimately joins Lower Cascade Lake and makes its way out on Cascade Brook. The base of the falls is accessible through a mild bushwhack. […]

Falls at Wadhams

Falls at Wadhams – Wadhams, NY

Grab a book and enjoy the Falls at Wadhams The 20-foot Falls at Wadhams are visible from the bridge that spans the river as it flows over a large area and then into a single drop before making its way through a long flume under the bridge. Next to the river is the Wadhams Free Library where you can grab a book and relax at riverside. Just downriver past the bridge you can see a functioning hydro-electric plant. Hydro-electric power […]

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