Natural Stone Bridge and Caves

Natural Stone Bridge and Caves Park

Natural Stone Bridge and Caves Park in Pottersville is an incredible family-owned destination for families or those just out taking a day trip. It’s also home to two waterfalls; Sawmill Falls and Noisy Cave Falls.Natural Stone Bridge and Caves

Over millennia, a series of caves and potholes, and the massive Stone Bridge, have been carved out by the erosive power of water as Trout Brook flows through the park. During the self-guided tour, you can explore these awesome features as well as check out the many other activities. There is a rock and mineral shop where you can “pop” a geode, bouldering walls, gemstone mining, disc golf, and a dino dig for kids, and even a gift shop, snack bar and ice cream stand! In addition to the self-guided tour that runs above ground, a guided adventure tour, during which you will explore the caves, is offered.

Natural Stone Bridge and Caves

The fun isn’t limited to the warm weather months as snowshoe trails are open in the Winter.

With so much to do, this stop has the potential to last a full day so be sure to click here to check online ahead of time to learn more about seasonal schedules and the activities that are available.

Natural Stone Bridge and Caves


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