Doing things the right way is hard work…

No one ever said that doing things the right way would always be easy. And putting together the information needed for The Waterfall List v2.0 is a great example of that! There are well over 2,000 waterfalls in New York State. I believe we have stated that in the past, but when put into the context of how many lines of data that involves, it is a daunting number to process.

“One unmistakable skill that any great team needs are quality assurance…”

Dig The Falls has one of the best Teams you could ever ask for. It is filled with a lot of experience and great adventurers. One unmistakable skill that any great team needs are quality assurance and fact checking; something that not many teams can pride themselves on having. Bobbie, from, is that person with those skills!

The Update – We got in over our heads, treading water for what seemed to be years, and still are not finished! What I mean by this is, through my inability to share my findings with others in the past, I made a mess out of The Waterfall List v1.0 and it is just now being reconciled. Through the hard work and perseverance of every one of our team members, we are nearing the end of our long journey.

Some Stats – 

  • The Waterfall List v1.0 started out with almost 2,300 single waterfalls.
  • Over 200 list items have been removed due to duplicate entries.
  • Hundreds of hours have gone into rechecking every individual line item in the List.
  • Dozens of previously unknown locations were given geolocations.
  • 20+ print and online sources have been used to find and fact check information.
  • Bobbie has 3 lists of at least 1,000 waterfalls each that she is using while fact checking The List!
  • When complete The Waterfall List v2.0 will be the most extensive New York Waterfall List in the world.

“Thank you to all who have consistently followed our progress…”

Once we are able to complete v2.0 of The List, the “hard” task will be behind us and we can start refocussing our energies on adding many more waterfall location write-ups. Thank you to all who have consistently followed our progress throughout the years!! It has been a long journey and because of our Team members, we are finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

“We will break the 3,000 waterfall mark within the next 2 years!”

One prediction I will make moving forward; We will break the 3,000 waterfall mark within the next 2 years! Please quote me on this! In just the last month we have discovered dozens of new locations and have still not put a dent in some of the lesser discovered areas of New York.

To help support all our efforts, please visit our Shop shown in the Main Menu. You will see waterfall guide, t-shirts, and even some hiking gear!

Happy Waterfalling!
Edward M. Smathers for the Dig The Falls Team

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Site administrator and lover of all things waterfalls, outdoors and nature.

Principle photographer for Waterfalls of New York State and overall "nice guy".

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    1. Steve – As of this moment, they have to be at least 5′ tall, Cannot be seasonal and have to be within state boundaries.
      We were just introduced to a waterfall classification book that may adjust those specs a bit, but I don’t think it will change the actual number much.
      If I was to guess the average size of the waterfalls across the state would be at least 15′, ranging from 5′ all the way past 500′.

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