New York Waterfall Map

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The most comprehensive interactive New York waterfall map available to the public!

Packed with features to help you find your favorite waterfalls, our map of New York waterfalls will help you plan your perfect waterfall roadtrip!

  • Find waterfalls closest to your current location or nearby a waterfall that you’d like to visit!
  • Find waterfalls nearby by entering your zip code!
  • Google maps to help you plot driving directions!
  • GPS coordinates and photos to ensure you find the waterfall you’re looking for!

If you visit the Knowledgebase you will see a new NYS waterfall map interface that will pick up on your current location. In certain instances, you will have to allow Dig The Falls to access your location. This is purely for your convenience only in order to properly plot your locations on the map.

Tapping on one of the map markers shows you a specific information about each waterfall along with other navigation options.

Each page has a different set of waterfalls associated that allow you to create a unique trip list of the closest waterfall locations to the location you are currently viewing. I will touch on this a bit later.



Getting directions is easier!

The driving directions are geolocation-based driving sets, supplied by Google Maps.

Although most of the directions are pretty accurate, we have found that some remote locations do not have ‘technical’ addresses, so Google searches for the closest known address. In each scenario, we will be doing our best to add further GPS data for parking areas and trail heads. Be sure to check the final destinations over carefully!

Additionally, at the lower portion of each waterfall location page, you will see a map that includes the GPS coordinates of the location, the closest matching address and a map of where you are in relation to the waterfall.

The ‘Get Directions’ is an added bonus. I want to mention again to plan accordingly since it is Google Maps that dictates the driving direction and not Dig The Falls.

While this map is great, we feel the next map is going to be a big hit! It aids in planning visits to multiple waterfalls in a single trip.

While we put a lot of thought and effort into performing these website upgrades, there will undoubtedly be some shortfalls. We hope that you can provide some much needed constructive criticism while we are in the mode of updating and upgrading.


Below, you’ll find the map showing the results of a search where the top 200 closest waterfalls, within 200 miles, to Ithaca. By clicking on a point on the map, you will get the waterfall name and an option to receive driving directions to that waterfall location.

new york waterfall map

PLEASE NOTE: All properties should be considered posted and/or private property unless you have specific knowledge otherwise. Access to any waterfall or natural area of any category is a privilege and can be revoked at any time for any reason. Respect landowner rights, speak out should you witness anyone doing otherwise and educate everyone willing to listen about good environmental stewardship and the Leave No Trace (LNT) ideology. Use our New York Waterfall map responsibly.

Click here to be taken to our Knowledgebase map!

This being said, there is still so much work to be done. There are some locations with approximate coordinates associated with them. This is because we have not personally verified the location, but have done enough research to know the waterfall does exist, and also where it should be on the map.

There are also other locations that we may find have to be removed due to the location not meeting Dig The Falls criteria of what makes a waterfall able to be counted for the survey.

We’ve also begun adding waterfall locations from surrounding states to the map. This is to offer a more complete search to those who live near the borders. This way, they can find ALL options, not just those in New York.


Always remember to check with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation for trail conditions and seasonal road status at www.dec.ny.gov/

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