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OK Slip Falls – Indian Lake, NY

OK Slip Falls

OK Slip Falls – Gem of Hudson Gorge

OK Slip Falls in one of the tallest waterfalls in the Adirondack with a height of an estimated 250 feet.
Located on OK Slip Brook, an outlet from OK Slip Pond, this waterfall was not accessible until the land was purchased by New York State and opened to the public. A new trail that leads to two overlooks to the fall was created which is 3 miles one way.
OK Slip Brook flows into the Hudson River into the Hudson Gorge; a popular area for White-Water rafting.

To get there: GPS: 43°48.061’N 74°06.597’W – From the intersection of routes 30 and 28 in Indian Lake, drive east approximately 7.5 miles where you see a parking area on the right. Park there and the trail will be on the opposite side of route 28 approximately 100 yards west.

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  • OK Slip Falls

Closest Geolocated Address: O-K Slip Rd, Indian Lake, NY 12842, USA
Location Lat/Long: 43.800934

OK Slip Falls – Indian Lake, NY

O-K Slip Rd, Indian Lake, NY 12842, USA

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