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Rainbow Falls – Degrasse

Rainbow Falls Grasse River

Rainbow Falls – Degrasse

Rainbow Falls, at 25 feet high, is the largest of the spectacular waterfalls along Tooley Pond Road.

To get there: GPS: 44°18.396’N 74°59.938’W – From Degrasse (junction of Routes 27/Clare Road & 11/Degrasse-Russell Road), drive northeast on Route 27/Clare Road for 0.5 mile and turn right onto Tooley Pond Road. Drive east for ~6.0 miles. Park to your right, next to several large boulders. Follow the trail west for <0.3 mile, crossing over a footbridge spanning a secondary gorge just before coming to the main gorge and Rainbow Falls. From the rim of the gorge overlooking Rainbow Falls, follow the trail downstream for >100 feet to obtain views of the waterfall, looking back up the gorge.

Information for this waterfall from Russell Dunn.

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