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Rainbow Falls – Degrasse

Rainbow Falls Grasse River

Rainbow Falls – Degrasse

Rainbow Falls, at 25 feet high, is the largest of the spectacular waterfalls along Tooley Pond Road.

To get there: GPS: 44°18.396’N 74°59.938’W – From Degrasse (junction of Routes 27/Clare Road & 11/Degrasse-Russell Road), drive northeast on Route 27/Clare Road for 0.5 mile and turn right onto Tooley Pond Road. Drive east for ~6.0 miles. Park to your right, next to several large boulders. Follow the trail west for <0.3 mile, crossing over a footbridge spanning a secondary gorge just before coming to the main gorge and Rainbow Falls. From the rim of the gorge overlooking Rainbow Falls, follow the trail downstream for >100 feet to obtain views of the waterfall, looking back up the gorge.

Information and photo provided by Russell Dunn.

This waterfall is part of the Adirondack Fifty Falls Challenge Guide by John Haywood and Russell Dunn.

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