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Shequaga Falls – Montour Falls


This beauty is located in the middle of town!

Shequaga Falls (She-qua-ga) is located in the town of Montour Falls and is definitely a must if you are passing through this beautiful town. The cascading fall totals in around 156 feet.

You can park on Genesee St in Montour and walk down the paved walkway in the park to get closer to the falls. You can also see the falls from the top of the bridge on Mill St. The placement of the falls makes it seems out of place because of how flat the town is plus the houses around the falls makes it look even bigger.

Closest Geolocated Address: 101 N Genesee St, Montour Falls, NY 14865, USA
Location Lat/Long: 42.344730

Shequaga Falls – Montour Falls

101 N Genesee St, Montour Falls, NY 14865, USA

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