Sonoma Falls, Sullivan County, New York

The cider mill may not be open, but Sonoma Falls will always be there.

The falls are beautiful and picturesque, although some have mentioned it looks smaller in person than in photos. We tend to take every waterfall as it is: a work of nature!

Sonoma Falls – Livingston Manor

Location: Livingston Manor, Rockland Town

Parking and Trailhead: 41.87148, -74.79980
Stream/River/Watershed: Little Beaver Kill
Height of Falls/Type: 75 ft, total 7 cascades
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Moderate can be muddy or slippery at times

-You cannot miss the big gate and the signs at entry to the business location.
-Sonoma Falls Country Market and Cider Mill has just opened for business in 2014. (Recently, it would seem, the store has closed)
-The folks were very friendly and shared their excitement of their grand opening.
-They have fishing, hiking trails, a snack bar, fresh cider, a gift shop.
-They talked about being open for the winter months providing sledding opportunities as well as access to the falls.
-There is a small fee to access the falls, but well worth it all.

Directions: From I-87 S near Kingston, Take exit 19 to the right towards Rt-28/Kingston/Rhinecliff Br and drive for .7 miles. Keep right onto Rt-28 W towards US-209/Ellenville/Rhinecliff Br and drive for .6 miles. Take the US-209 S ramp to the right towards Ellenville and drive for 26.9 miles. Turn right onto Canal Street and drive for 19.3 miles. Keep right onto Triangle Road and drive for .2 miles. Take the Rt-17 W ramp and drive for 7.8 miles. Take exit 97 to the right towards Morsston and drive for .1 miles. Turn left onto Old Liberty Road and drive for .1 miles. Turn left onto Old Rt-17 and drive for .2 miles. Turn right onto Cross Road and drive for .6 miles.

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