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Split Rock Falls – New Russia

Split Rock Falls

Split Rock Falls is the perfect place to cool off from the Summer heat!

Split Rock Falls is one of the most popular spots to cool off in the Summer. This two-tiered, 30ft waterfall on the Boquet River in Underwood, just South of New Russia, is named so due to the flow of water being split by rock formations at the top. The two flows fall into a single, large pool then spill out as one combined drop. There is also a smaller set of falls referred to as Lower Split Rock Falls that are approximately 20ft in height.

During the hot Summer months, this waterfall draws large crowds for swimming and those daring enough to jump into the pool of water at its midpoint. The water from the Boquet River is very clear, allowing the bottom to be seen even in some of the deepest parts

To get there: GPS: 44°07.434’N 73°39.471’W – Turn West after taking exit 30 on the Northway. Proceed to the large and unusual intersection with Rte 73 and bear right on Rte 9. Drive approximately 2.3 miles where you will cross over a bridge that spans the Boquet River. Just after the bridge on the right is a pull-off with ample parking.

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Closest Geolocated Address: 6007 U.S. 9, New Russia, NY 12964, USA
Location Lat/Long: 44.123852

Split Rock Falls – New Russia

6007 U.S. 9, New Russia, NY 12964, USA

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