Spruce Creek Falls – Dolgeville


This is a perfect stop off point when in the area!

Located in Salisbury Center, Spruce Creek Falls is a beautiful destination worthy of a day trip to the area. The creek flows year round and there are many trails located in the immediate vicinity of the falls.

There is a small one lane covered bridge just upstream of the falls as well. Built in 1875, the Salisbury Center Bridge is shut down during the winter but can be crossed by foot or car during the summer.

Parking is easily found roadside, but there is also a parking area close to the bridge. From the bridge, looking downstream, you will see the first set of major falls (about 20′ in height). Following the stream down, there are a few small drops and then two major cascades (over 30′ and 25′ respectively) located on the opposite side of another bridge that crosses the stream.
At the time of our last visit, none of these properties were posted.

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