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Rainbow Falls Keene waterfall

Best Adirondack Waterfall Hikes

Best Adirondack Waterfall Hikes by John Haywood There certainly is no shortage of waterfalls in the Adirondacks! Thousands can be found among the streams, brooks, and rivers that flow throughout the over six-million acres that comprise the Adirondacks. We have compiled a list of our favorite, and what we consider to be the best, Adirondack waterfall hikes. These hikes include some of he most notable Adirondack waterfalls that you can visit without having to hike great distances or grueling trails. […]

Fifty Falls Patch

The Adirondack Fifty Falls Challenge is here!

The Adirondack Fifty Falls Challenge is here! Russell Dunn and John Haywood bring their years of experience and expertise together to bring you the Adirondack Fifty Falls Waterfalls Challenge! Waterfalls are a mainstay of the Adirondacks that attract people from all over who come to see their natural beauty. Many of these visitors come to the High Peaks region where the issue of overcrowding is prevalent. Our goal is to help alleviate overcrowding of parking areas, roadways, and trails by […]

Adirondack Waterfall Roadtrip part 4

Adirondack Waterfall Roadtrip Part 4

Adirondack Waterfall Roadtrip Part 4 by John Haywood In this installment of the Adirondack Waterfall Roadtrip series, we’ll explore a slice of Hamilton and Warren Counties! Falls on East Jimmy Creek 43°27.170’N 74°14.000’W Our first stop is Jimmy Creek off Route 8 in Wells. Here, a nice 10-foot waterfall forms roughly 100 yards off the road, in a small gorge. The gorge walls are lined with green moss and various vegetation, giving it an almost other-worldly feel. If you choose […]

Stag Brook Block Cascade

Block Cascade on Stag Brook – Wilmington

Block Cascade on Stag Brook – Wilmington The Block Cascade is a broad, 20-foot-high block cascade that forms on the upper section of Stag Brook, a tributary to the West Branch of the Ausable River, that rises from Whiteface Mountain. To get there: GPS: 44°21.415’N 73°52.136’W – From Stag Brook Falls [see chapter on Stag Brook Falls for directions], follow the trail uphill for approximately 0.25 mile. At that point, a service road crosses Stag Brook Trail. Continue hiking uphill […]

Blueberry Falls waterfall

Blueberry Falls – Keene Valley

Blueberry Falls – Keene Valley Blueberry Falls is a colorful name for a fairly nondescript, 20-foot-high waterfall found near Marcy Field. To get there: GPS: 44°12.924’N 73°47.903’W – From Holts Corner between Keene Valley and Keene (junction of Routes 73 & 9N South), drive south on Route 73 for ~1.0 mile and turn right onto Airport Road by Marcy Field. Head west for <0.1 mile and park in the area provided. From the west end of the parking area, follow […]

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