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covered bridge with waterfall

Chasing Waterfalls of the Hudson Valley: Part 2

Chasing Waterfalls of the Hudson Valley – Part 2 by Donna McCabe When you last heard from me, I was standing on the viewing platform overlooking the upper portion of Kaaterskill Falls and just reached #50 in the #NYSWaterfallchallenge. My husband & I were in the Catskills for the weekend and had a plan to visit seven waterfalls. On Saturday, we were able to visit five of them and reach my fiftieth waterfall. Sunday’s plans include two more locations but […]

Lake George

Invasive Species Management Partnership

NYS Invasive Species Management Partnership When the majority of us head out into the woods or out on the lake for a fun day of recreation, we seldom think, if at all, about the impact that a tiny insect or fish could have on an entire ecosystem. We also don’t consider the impacts of not rinsing down a boat or waders, or checking clothing and hiking gear for hitch-hiking beetles. The simple truth is that the majority of us just […]


The Innocent Waterfall in the Age of Misplaced Blame

By John Haywood Please note: This opinion article speaks bluntly and takes on the harsh reality of the dangers of disregarding the hazards at waterfalls. It is not meant to be derogatory in any way. It is meant to be an eye-opener in an effort to save lives. Waterfalls are not deadly. They do not seek to kill or harm; they simply exist. Waterfalls are innocent. What is deadly at a waterfall is poor decision-making, a lack of respect for […]