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Tag : Essex County

Hanging Spear Falls

Hanging Spear Falls – Newcomb

Hanging Spear Falls – Newcomb Hanging Spear Falls is a 75-foot-high waterfall on the Opalescent River, named for its resemblance to the shaft of a falling spear. To get there: GPS: 44°06.116’N 73°59.448’W – From Tahawus Club (junction of Routes 25/Tahawus Road & 84/Blue Ridge Road), drive north on Route 25/Tahawus Road for ~10.0 miles and park at the end of the road in the Upper Works parking area. Follow the yellow/red-blazed trail north. At 0.4 mile, bear right at […]

Upper La Chute Falls 1

Falls on the LaChute River – Ticonderoga

Falls on the LaChute River – Ticonderoga The Falls on the LaChute River are made up of several falls that have formed on the upper section of the La Chute River, the largest being ~15 feet in height. To get there: GPS: 43°50.340’N 73°25.896’W – From the traffic circle at Ticonderoga (junction of Montcalm Street & Route 9N/Wicker Street), drive east on Montcalm Street for 0.4 mile. Turn right onto Lake George Avenue, head south for 0.6 mile, and turn […]

Wanika Falls

Wanika Falls – North Elba

Wanika Falls Standing at approximately 150 feet, Wanika Falls is one of the tallest Adirondack waterfalls. This waterfall is made of up several large sections and significant drops which flow much better in early Spring or after a good rain. To get there: GPS: 44°11.912’N 74°03.353’W – From Lake Placid (junction of routes 73 and 86) drive southwest on route 73 for 0.2 mile. Turn left onto Station Road and proceed southwest for 0.8 mile. When you come to Old […]

Ultimate Adirondack Waterfall Roadtrip

By John Haywood Everyone loves waterfalls! Those wonderful natural wonders make the perfect backdrop for a picnic, centerpiece to a photo, or cool spot to beat the heat on Summer day. The best part about waterfalls, though, is the diversity. There are so many shapes and sizes as well as easy hikes, demanding hikes, roadside falls… you name it. There is a waterfall for everyone! While the Adirondacks are known mostly for the mountains, there are hundreds and hundreds and […]

Gill Brook Flume

The Flume on Gill Brook – Keene

Gill Brook on the Adirondack Mountain Reserve is one of the more heavily waterfall-populated waterways in the Adirondacks. One of the first waterfalls you will encounter along Gill Brook is “The Flume”. While this is a relatively small waterfall, its surroundings are magnificent! A short spur trail with a sign reading “The Flume” directs you to the left, off of Lake Road. This leads to a large and very deep pool that forms at the base of this waterfall which sits […]

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