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Bray House Falls aka Potholers

Bray House Falls – Stratford

Bray House Falls aka Potholers – Stratford Bray House Falls, also known as Potholers, is a 15-foot-high, elongated cascade that derives its name from the number of bathtub-sized potholes it contains. To get there: GPS: 43°16.516’N 74°39.743’W – From Stratford (junction of Piseco Road and Route 29A), drive north on Piseco Road/Powley-Piseco Road for ~8.1 miles. Park to your right after crossing over the bridge spanning Brayhouse Brook. Walk east along the north bank of Brayhouse Brook for 100 feet […]

Ultimate Adirondack Waterfall Roadtrip

By John Haywood Everyone loves waterfalls! Those wonderful natural wonders make the perfect backdrop for a picnic, centerpiece to a photo, or cool spot to beat the heat on Summer day. The best part about waterfalls, though, is the diversity. There are so many shapes and sizes as well as easy hikes, demanding hikes, roadside falls… you name it. There is a waterfall for everyone! While the Adirondacks are known mostly for the mountains, there are hundreds and hundreds and […]

Tenant Creek Falls 2

Getting the Shot: Tenant Creek Falls

By John Haywood I chose a throwback for this one as it caught my eye as I was going through photos and it inspired me. Tenant Creek Falls forms, as you may have guessed, on Tenant Creek in the Town of Hope. The trail makes its way through the woods until you arrive in a nice open area where a large pool has formed at the base of the waterfall. On this day, the sky was partly cloudy and the […]